Best casino match bonuses

The match bonuses are those that are given to players, usually when they register for the first time. They represent a percentage of the deposit that you make and most of the time they will simply double your initial deposit. The reason why these bonuses are being offered is to attract new ones or just to encourage the existing ones to make another deposit and keep on playing the games.

The most popular type of casino match bonus that you can receive is the welcome bonus. This is given out one time when you are a new customer and you register for the first time for an online casino.

RankCasinoTotal Bonus1st DepositPayoutMobile/Mac/PCPlay
$1000 AUD Welcome Bonus
25 Free Spins On Sign Up
25 Free Spins On Sign Upr

At first sight you might think about these bonuses that they are free money given to you, but unfortunately there is a price you have to pay for them. First of all in order to get your hands on the bonus money you need to make a deposit and in all cases before you are able to cash out the money, you have to meet the wagering requirements.

The best casino match bonuses are generally those that can be cleared easily and without too much effort from the player and also without too much of a risk. The online casino industry is vast and there are different forms of these bonuses and they will come at many different percentages. For example the most common deposit bonus is available at 100%, but you can also find sites that are able to offer you some bonuses at as much as 400%. However usually the higher the bonus it is, the harder it’s going to be to clear it, this is the reason why you should take a close look to the wagering requirements. And it’s best that you do that before you make a deposit.

When you are looking for nothing but the best bonuses out there you also need to take into consideration many different things that at first sight might seem to be small, but they will be able to make a huge difference.

Generally when you are getting a bonus you need to know the fact that generally in order to get them there is a minimum amount of money that you have to deposit. Generally the minimum amount is rather small and it’s around $20 or $30. On top of that you also need to realize the fact that these bonuses will only be available once when you register for the first time.

Some sites are able to offer you a continuous number of regular bonuses and this is definitely a plus, especially if you are planning to play the games for a longer period of time.

You generally have to stay away from those bonuses that are too good to be true. This means that if you see a bonus that is over the 500% mark, you definitely need to check back the site on different forums and blogs before you register.