Pokies Bonus explained

A pokies bonus serves as an incentive to sign up with an online casino and usually provides a player with an opportunity to play for longer and also become more acquainted with the casino games on offer. It also adds to your bankroll and can yield even greater winning opportunities. There are essentially two types of online pokies bonuses aside from a sign up offer or Welcome bonus that is awarded when you join an online casino. The match offer and the free spins offer are the 2 most common types of online pokies bonuses and we will explain how they work to ensure you can claim your free credits and special offers every time.

Pokies Bonus Match Offer – Give some and get some more!

A pokies bonus in the form of a match offer is very common and available at most online casinos. It usually comes in the form on a loyalty offer that is awarded to regular players on a weekly or even daily basis. A match pokies bonus works on a percentage system meaning that you make a deposit and receive matched amount in return. The most coveted match bonus is the 100% match meaning that if, for example an online casino bestows upon you a 100% match up to 200, and it means that they will match your deposit up to a total of 200. Thus should you deposit 200, you will receive an additional 200 and you will have 400 credits in total with which to play! This ensures you have a greater chance at placing higher bets and winning even bigger amounts!

Pokies Free Spins Bonus – Spinning to win!

A regular and appealing offer that many online casinos feature is a pokies free spins bonus, offering a great way for you to start your gaming. Free spin bonuses are usually issued in fixed denominations varying between 30, 100 and even a very generous 1000. The Pokies bonus must be used on an online pokies machine and cannot be transferred to another game, but it can be used to increase your bets and paylines, meaning you have an even better chance than before! Claiming your pokies bonus means that winnings can be doubled or even tripled, giving you a greater gaming experience every time, for free!